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The Hall of Shame

This is being created because the response include some really silly ones, which MIGHT be from some of the geniuses who design the bad sites, just go to show there are some real kooks out there. Surprisingly enough we don't bother replying to these ones, we prefer to share them.

More will be added at points in time depending on how silly or publishable we think they are.

The Current prize entry for Hall of Shame

Response (verbatim) Comment (if we can be bothered)
POSITION	President
Comments to Paul, the Idiot	Frankly, it amazes me that
a moron like you would even be able to write a web page.
Who designed the standards?
YOU?  Forget it chum, you probably have never heard of, and are probably just barely literate enough to
hire somebody to do it for you.  What an arrogant ass.
Hope you sleep well.
I will leave it to the reader to determine if they think your eloquent use of language and debating skills show you have understood the problems.
Interesting posted from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Suggest some of my responses on this page would show the problems in summary, fairly well.

The Current Tally of Blank Entries

Yes, the people who think it is clever to send blank entries. We decided for anybody like that they obviously did not want to contact us, so we don't bother replying

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