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You have been directed to this page

For one or more of the following reasons:-

You have a webpage that uses Username/password combinations that

With the growing number of password protected sites, users are expected to remember too many usernames and password, so they will be written down and/or stored in places that means all pretence of security or tracking of users is lost.

Printing problems and Online order confirmations

Your webpage takes longer than 1 minute to download over a standard 56K modem line due to:-page loading animation

If a web page takes longer than ONE Minute on a standard 56K modem to download many users give up and go elsewhere!

Don't some of you realise that, just because you have a T3 link the rest of the world might not have a dedicated T3 link!

Also see System Requirements.

Your site has broken search links/engine

Bad use of downloadable files

Your site takes too long to navigate

Your site insists on Pop-Up windows

Your site insists on too many cookies

Your site gives NO indication of products and/or prices

Bad Forms use for entry of personal details

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This page was originally written tested, and uploaded then a complete Linux system installed whilst waiting for a piece of software only available from the web was downloaded (45MegaBytes), hence this page

Due to the nature of bad web page practise, this page is updated regularly! Usually whilst waiting for the next large download to finish.

The League Against Poor Web Design & Web WYSIWIG Packages That Should be Shot at Dawn

Last Updated 1st November 2009